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xTripz Roadmap - xTripz Network | Best Travel Booking Site on Web3.0 Utilizing Travel Token

xTripz Roadmap

Q1-3, 2021

  • Ideation, research and kick-start of project.

  • Design and architecture of blockchain and travel token mechanics.

  • Preparation of project whitepaper and product roadmap.

  • Commence development of platform and mobile app MVP.

  • Company set-up and corporate structure for the travel token entity.

Q1, 2022

  • Launch TGE private sales.

  • Preparation for IDO and IEO token sales.

  • Completion of alpha version of wallet and xTripz Block Explorer.  

  • Alpha version of xTripz app goes live on Apple and Google.  

  • Test smart contract for deployment of NFT on Binance Smart Chain.

Q3, 2022

  • Enhancement of app and platform and introduce Defi 2.0 staking features.

  • Launch xTripz Explorer influencer feature to increase community engagement.

  • Promotion and marketing campaigns to acquire new users and drive transactions.

  • Structuring and preparation work for the xTripz Network DAO.

Q4, 2021

  • Deployment of XTR token smart contract on Binance Smart Chain.

  • Community building and development of potential partnerships.

  • Commence launch marketing campaigns on social media and crypto forums.

  • Smart Contract Audit.

  • Preparation for TGE private sales.

Q2, 2022

  • Completion of IDO and IEO token sale.

  • Token listing on CEX and DEX.

  • Launch of xTripz Testnet and testing.

  • Completion of xTripz API and data standards.

  • Launch of commercial version of xTripz app.

  • Commence marketing campaigns for user acquisitions and ongoing community building.

  • Business development for next phase.


  • Improve network scalability and reliability. 

  • Further development of app features and smart algorithms to become best travel booking site.

  • Ongoing acquisition for travel activities.

  • Implementation of machine learning and build artificial intelligence models and engine to make it easier for user to search, plan and book their holidays and further use cases for travel token.

xTripz Network - Decentralized Community Owned and Governed Travel Experiences Platform

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