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How xTripz Works… and How It’s Going to Benefit You!

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Beautiful Venice at Sunset | xTripz - decentralised community owned and governed travel platform and travel token
Beautiful Venice at Sunset

The xTripz platform satisfies the needs of travellers through their entire travel journey, consisting of 5 essential moments: dreaming moments, planning moments, booking moments, experiencing moments and sharing moments. We provide the essential tools and transactional platform in an all-in-one platform, so xTripz is essentially the only app they need to plan their travel activities and enjoy their holidays.

The 5 Essential Moments of a Traveller's Journey | xTripz - decentralised community owned and governed travel platform
The 5 Essential Moments of a Traveller's Journey

The platform was conceptualised from the ground up, taking into consideration the entire customer journey experienced by a typical traveller when researching and planning his or her holiday and all the way through booking process, the travel experiences at the destination and post-trip sharing and reviews.

Design Concept

The xTripz Design Concept from the Group Up | xTripz - decentralised community owned and governed travel platform
The xTripz Travel Token Design Concept from the Ground Up

This one-stop solution encompasses the advantages of the modern internet technologies coupled with next generation’s decentralised economy and tokenised incentive structures. Utilising a robust and scalable technology stack based on Java, the xTripz is connected to an underlying blockchain infrastructure powered by Polygon. Blockchain has great potential in tourism and is already being used to improve the travel experience. Easy-to-access and low-cost decentralised business models can make it an attractive alternative to traditional systems.

“The global tourism industry is a multi-trillion dollar industry that has multimillion-dollar inefficiencies and the opportunity for technology companies to create efficiencies and enable seamless financial transactions, and transparency is in the billions. Startups and technology companies with a good value proposition must look at the complexity of how various segments within travel work, and how they can be helped.”

Ian Khan, director of the documentary “Blockchain City”

The xTripz platform will take users through a series of essential moments in their travel journey by providing:

  1. Curated travel guides and user-generated contents (UGS) for travel experiences sharing at Dreaming Moment;

  2. Curated and UGC itineraries and AI-powered Smart Trip Planner to take out the hard work out of planning travel activities at Planning Moment;

  3. Booking engine to enable flights, accommodation, attractions, cruises, transfers, trains, car rentals, travel activities etc. at Booking Moment;

  4. In-journey tools like route planning, navigation, FX rates, translation, taxi booking, shopping, tax refunds etc. at Experience Moment; and

  5. Photo and video sharing on major social media networks and itinerary sharing on xTripz platform at Sharing Moment.

Happy Team  | xTripz - decentralised community owned and governed travel platform
Happy Team on The Best Travel Site

We have built an in-house content team for the production of curated travel guides and imparting a voice in our content, while also licensing travel guides and contents from partners around the world to supplement our own. Our Lead Editor works with a team of full-time content producers and more than a dozen of freelance writers to ensure high quality travel guides and travel activities to inspire our users into making travel plans and trips!

Once our users are inspired enough by travel contents on our xTripz platform and mobile app to want to go on a trip, our booking platform will connect the user to a wide selection of over 150 wholesale suppliers of travel activities and travel experiences, encompassing flights, accommodation, cruises, transfers, car rentals, attractions, activities, city day tour passes, train tickets and more! All these travel products and services are offered at the lowest possible rates as compared to mainstream OTAs. Our list of travel wholesale partners are growing even as we speak!

xTripz in Numbers

xTripz in Numbers  | xTripz - decentralised community owned and governed travel platform
xTripz in Numbers

At the heart of the world 1st community-owned travel platform is the xTripz travel token ($XTR), a native utility token complying to the BEP-20 standards, a user-friendly token standard that permits users to deploy tokens or currencies that are fungible on Binance Smart Chain.

As the clearing and settlement token of the xTripz platform, the $XTR travel token enables users to:

  • enjoy most preferential price and up to 20% off the official list price (which is no higher than existing mainstream OTAs) of the xTripz platform when booking and paying for their trip with $XTR travel token;

  • earns up to 10% rebate based on their transacted value in $XTR travel token credited to their account almost immediately, and redeemable for their next purchase;

  • earn rewards in $XTR travel token when performing various activities, like signing up a new account, signing in periodically, referring friends using their personalised referral codes, leaving reviews of their purchases and experiences, creating and posting original travel contents, participating in travel activities and promotions etc;

  • book and reserve accommodation or other travel activities or travel experiences without paying deposits by using their $XTR travel token in their wallet as collateral; and

  • participate in user focus groups or community activities that is aimed at enhancing the travel experiences and benefits for the xTripz community.

xTripz recognises the value of the community, and places a continual emphasis to engage our $XTR travel token holders, users and community members. The success of the xTripz platform is highly reliant on our community of users, and the $XTR travel token is structured in a way to allow users and community members collectively benefit from the success and growth of the platform, and helping xTripz Network fulfill its goal of becoming one of the best travel booking site in the world.

The $XTR travel token is an integral component of the xTripz platform and the use of $XTR travel token and platform is incentivised with instant savings and subsequent rewards through purchases and performance of activities on the xTripz Travel Experiences platform. As our user base grows, it can be expected to lead to a healthy token economy and increase in value that all $XTR travel token holders, whether early adopters or late comers, can benefit in the near future.

Technology Platform Doing its Magic  | xTripz - decentralised community owned and governed travel platform and travel token
Blockchain Technology Platform Doing its Magic

Value Proposition

The xTripz technology platform offers tremendous benefits to both the consumers and the merchants through the innovative use of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies to provide a trust-less and autonomous environment for purchasing and sales of travel experiences through an interoperable and cross-chain customer engagement tools and analytics service.

Benefit to Consumers:

Cheapest Price: Our users ($XTR travel token holders) will enjoy instant savings (up to 20% cheaper as compared to OTAs) by using the xTripz travel token ($XTR) to pay for their vacations and travel activities. xTripz provides ultra cheap prices to our users by charging the wholesale prices from suppliers with a small markup. Token holders will also earn $XTR travel token as rewards for their purchases.

Convenient All-in-One Platform: The xTripz platform allows users to perform all the functions they need through the entire user journey, including aggregating multiple sources of travel activities, flights, hotels and attractions booking, social media sharing etc.

Feature-rich In-trip Tools: Integration of various tools that make the user’s life easier when at the destination, like FX rates, weather, translation, navigation, booking rides, local payment options, tax refunds etc.

Beautiful Nang Yuan Island in Thailand  | xTripz - decentralised community owned and governed travel platform and travel token
Beautiful Nang Yuan Island in Thailand

Benefits to Suppliers:

Fair Review System: The xTripz platform incentivises all users to post reviews through $XTR travel token rewards, thus eliminating the polarisation common in review platforms. So the hardwork put in by the suppliers to achieve and maintain quality service is now rewarded with higher loyalty towards their brand and products.

Higher Margins and Personalisation: With direct relationship with the xTripz platform, travel suppliers can earn higher margins compared to the high commissions they currently pay to OTAs. The high margins allow them to invest in product personalisation, further increasing their margins.

Fast Payment Turnaround: The $XTR travel token is the “common currency” and settlement token for all transactions conducted on the xTripz platform. Under the trustless protocol, payments are automated through the execution of smart contracts on the blockchain network. Chargebacks and refunds are executed similarly, without human intervention.

Technology in Our Hands Now  | xTripz - decentralised community owned and governed travel platform and travel token
Technology in Our Hands Now...

Here a snapshot of some of the innovative features that xTripz have in store:

Influencer Monetisation

xTrip Explorers are people who have fun when travelling, while earning rewards by producing high-quality content of their travel experiences. They will also have the chance to earn sales commissions when they help promote our products, services and other travel activities.

Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO)

Community-owned platform and the decentralised governance structure to align the interests of all the parties in the ecosystem. The decentralisation ensures that no single party can dictate any major decision impacting the community.

Personalised NFT

Custom non-fungible tokens (NFT) of VIP memberships for $XTR travel token holders with a certain minimum holdings. Tokenised NFTs representing special packages for the high-end luxury market, which can be redeem or sold on partner NFT marketplace.

Time to Embark on This Journey  | xTripz - decentralised community owned and governed travel platform
Time to Embark on This Journey!

About xTripz Network:

xTripz Network aspires to become one of the best travel booking site in the world, one which is fully decentralised and community owned and governed. The xTripz platform facilitates discovery, shopping, booking and payment of travel products, with novel DeFi and NFT features, replacing travel gift cards with our $XTR travel token, and providing our users memorable travel experiences and wide offering of travel activities. Our travel guides provide up to date information, including popular searches on travel activities, glamping near me and travel cryptocurrency.

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