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Guide to $XTR Token Sale… and how you can participate!

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

xTripz Network - Decentralized Community Owned and Governed Travel Experiences Platform
xTripz Network - Decentralized Community Owned and Governed Travel Experiences Platform

xTripz Network is building a fully decentralised community owned and governed travel experiences platform. At the heart of this community-owned platform is the xTripz token ($XTR), a BEP-20 compliant token that will be the master token for all the transactions conducted on the xTripz Platform. The usage of a settlement token results in a far more efficient transactional process conducted in a trustless and autonomous environment.

The $XTR Travel Token

The xTripz ($XTR) travel token will be a true disruption to the international travel industry, as users proliferate and the xTripz Travel Experiences Platform gather more traction. The token utility of the xTripz travel token is designed to be self-sustainable and driven by the stakeholders of our ecosystem and who are the pillars of the xTripz business model.

5 Pillars of xTripz Network Token Utility | xTripz Network - Decentralized Community Owned and Governed Travel Experiences Platform
5 Pillars of xTripz Network Token Utility

Token Utility

The 5 pillars of the xTripz business model are as follows:

1) Marketplace — Our wholesale suppliers and partners for flights, hotels, travel experiences, travel activities and other ancillary services provide their inventories on the xTripz Platform for travellers to search and book, payable in the $XTR travel token. This marketplace matches travellers with suitable products and services from the suppliers through an AI-driven recommendation engine.

2) RewardsMeaningful rewards are incentives that keep customers coming back for repeat purchases time and again. Beside the instant gratification in the form of big discounts travellers enjoyed when booking their travel experiences, they shall also enjoy loyalty rebates of 10% almost immediately after their purchases. Travellers also get to earn other rewards through referrals, sharing of trip itineraries and photos or videos of their travel activities and experiences.

3) Influencer Network — xTrip Explorers are people who have fun while travelling, while also enjoying amazing benefits and exclusive deals. These Explorers can earn rewards by producing high-quality content. They will also have access to marketing and branding opportunities and the chance to earn sales commissions when they help promote products and services.

Key Benefits for xTripz Influencers | xTripz Network - Decentralized Community Owned and Governed Travel Experiences Platform
Key Benefits for xTripz Influencers

4) Advertising Network — As an industry marketplace and travel experiences driven platform, xTripz Network will be able to provide targeted and contextual network to service providers in the travel and tourism industry and related ancillary services industries. This allow brands to screen highly relevant and contextual contents to a highly targeted group of consumers, resulting in highly effective marketing dollars spent.

5) Governance — xTripz Network is designed from Day 1 to be a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), though we all are realistic to know it will take some time to get there. This travel experiences platform will be community owned and governed, driving by the holders of the $XTR travel token. Every token holder has a voice and will be able to contribute to the ongoing decisions to build the platform further.

The ecosystem of the xTripz Network Platform ensures the continuity and sustainability of the travel experiences platform. All the actors and stakeholders in the ecosystem contribute to a continuous flow and a flywheel effect for all stakeholders involved in the xTripz ecosystem. This continuous flow thereby creates a sustainable ecosystem feeding off its own energy.

xTripz Ecosystem Driving Token Utility of $XTR Travel Token | xTripz Network - Decentralized Community Owned and Governed Travel Experiences Platform
xTripz Ecosystem Driving Token Utility of $XTR Travel Token

Token Generation Event

We are embarking on an ambitious project to disrupt the international travel market and revolutionalise the way we travel. We firming believe that such projects must be supported by the users and suppliers that will use them and critical to the success of the xTripz platform. We are thrilled to be launching an upcoming public sale for our native token ($XTR), while creating incentives for the long-term participation of all parties involved.

This TGE is organised by xTripz Network Pte Ltd, a limited liability company incorporated in the Republic of Singapore, with the vision to disrupt the global travel industry and promote innovation in the industry via collaborative efforts within the ecosystem.

All token buyers will receive native BEP-20 $XTR travel token that are swappable on decentralised exchanges. This $XTR travel token is the heart of the xTripz platform and eco-system and the driver behind the success of our business model. It is an integral part of the ecosystem and shall be used for all purchases and bookings on the xTripz platform, and can be earned through performing certain activities and contributing to the travel services platform. It is fractionally divisible, transferable and fungible.

xTripz will mint 3,000,000,000 $XTR travel tokens, of which 41.67% (1,250,000,000 tokens) will be made available for this Token Generation Event. The pre-TGE private placement will be initiated in December 2021. We are working with a few decentralised exchanges for Initial DEX Offering (IDO) and a Global Top 20 crypto exchange to launch an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) by end of Q1 2022.

Listing for the $XTR travel token in a centralised crypto exchange is targeted to be in Q2 of 2022, subject to commercial arrangement with the partner exchanges. All token holders shall be notified through the official channels of the xTripz Network.

The Tokenomics

Key Metrics of the $XTR Travel Token Tokenomics | xTripz Network - Decentralized Community Owned and Governed Travel Experiences Platform
Key Metrics of the $XTR Travel Token Tokenomics

xTripz’s token allocation reflects the commitment of the team members, founders, and early backers to work together to bring to life xTripz as a mainstream solution in the travel and tourism industry.

The public sale will make available about 13.33% of the total supply (400M $XTR travel token) at $0.015/token. Early investors account for 28.33% of the total token supply, while founders, team members, and advisors hold 20% of the total issuance. xTripz Network shall hold 10% of the total token supply as reserves, which will be transferred to a foundation in the future, while providing liquidity provisions to ensure a sustainable approach to the runaway needs.

xTripz is committed to the growth and broad participation of every token holder, allocating 28% to community and platform rewards.

Token Distribution

Token Distribution Chart of xTripz Travel Tokens | xTripz Network - Decentralized Community Owned and Governed Travel Experiences Platform
Token Distribution Chart of xTripz Travel Tokens

Token Release Schedule

The token release schedule and long-term oriented token allocations reflect the right incentives put in place by xTripz, giving freedom to the community joining the public sale.

The $XTR travel tokens available in the public sale will have no vesting period, allowing any holder to engage with the token right away. However, there is vesting period for team members, advisors, and early investors to guarantee long-term commitment to the project.

Next steps:

Now that you are well informed, you can proceed to the whitelisting phase of the xTripz public sale. The amount of interest and positive interest xTripz has attracted is incredible and the team are thrilled to have such an engaged and supportive community of xTrippers!

You can start the whitelisting process here:

About xTripz Network:

xTripz Network aspires to become one of the best travel booking site in the world, one which is fully decentralised and community owned and governed. The xTripz platform facilitates discovery, shopping, booking and payment of travel products, with novel DeFi and NFT features, replacing travel gift cards with our $XTR travel token, and providing our users memorable travel experiences and wide offering of travel activities. Our travel guides provide up to date information, including popular searches on travel activities, glamping near me and travel cryptocurrency.

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